• Mayonnaise - freshly made is okay, but that stuff that comes in a jar is snot of the devil.
  • Honey Walnut Prawns - whenever I go out for Chinese with others, they also seem to want to order this dish. I think it's just foul and I think it must have mayonnaise in it.
  • Donuts - I like beignets and fresh Krispy Kremes, but otherwise, they're just too much.
  • Tripe - I really should like tripe. I've sampled a fairly wide variety of offal - liver, gizzards, sweetbreads, kidneys, tendons, tongue, etc., and liked it, but as much as I've tried, I just can't get into tripe.
  • Corn dogs - I love hot dogs, and I like cornbread, but I think I must have o.d.ed on corndogs in my school cafeteria.
  • Bittermelon - a staple of many Chinese households. My parents told me I would like it when I got older. I don't.
  • Uni - I haven't exactly enjoyed the flavor of the uni I've sampled so far, and it's too cost prohibitive to experiment on something that I'm unsure of liking. Plus, it's really squishy so it gets caught in all the crevices of your mouth
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