• when BART is over 30 minutes late because it's their fault (i.e. computer problem), passengers should ride free
  • "Fun" is a weeklong "business" trip to Paris in April with your fuckbuddy. "Not fun" is researching IRS tax codes for nonprofit business associations.
  • My coworker asked me what we should treat ourselves to for Secretaries' Day. My immediate reaction was "chocolate!" But then I wondered are you "treating" yourself to it if you have it every day?
  • It takes the federal government exactly 10 days to cash your tax check, but approximately a month and a half to issue a return. WTF????
  • It's much more of a pain to "lengthen" a pair of pants than it is to have them hemmed.
  • Though I love a pencil skirt, they sure do limit your range of movement.
apr 19 2006 ∞
may 2 2006 +