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The main thing you should know about me is that the thoughts in my head move far too fast.
I like to think. About people and song lyrics and religion and society and why I am the way I am. Sometimes these thoughts go on for forever and ever and I can't stop and my brain gets tired and my body grows weary.
I'm very sporadic. My thoughts are everywhere. I guess you can say that's who I am.
Who ...

  • finding happiness in simplicity
  • my parents (i think this goes for everybody)
  • trying not to be like my parents
  • being slightly like my parents even though i try really really hard not to
  • being horrible at math
  • broken promises
  • curiousity
  • religion
  • the movie "13 going on 30"
  • being a useless dreamer
  • being lazy
  • american mainstream
  • my look. (mediocre.)
  • more things i currently cannot think of
oct 15 2011 ∞
jan 28 2012 +
  • mustaches with actual hair and not stubble
  • beards with actual hair and not stubble
  • scary movies
  • ghosts/spirits/general haloween type things
  • skeletons
  • the fact that when i die i will become a skeleton
  • that the bones in my body make a skeleton
  • commitment (to things I am not sure of or do not understand)
  • the fact that history seems to say that all good things must come to an end.
  • mtv
  • close proximities with unfamiliar people
  • germs
  • getting too close with one individual person
  • the capabilities of the human body
oct 15 2011 ∞
jan 28 2012 +
  • the first time i tried to pull an all niter i watched zack and cody and ate popcorn with my dad til my eyes got so tired and i gave in to sleep. i woke up the next morning in my bed, tucked in. I remember loving my dad so much.
  • the second time i was with my friend meghan and we tried to pull an all niter. we laughed and talked and next door her sisters blasted mainstream american pop and talked about boys and we just giggled and giggled our butts off even after they told us to shut up because they wanted to sleep. she was such a great friend and it's such a shame that she was so different i couldn't understand her. i wish i would have put more effort into trying to understand her instead of marking her off as unreadable. because so often that is what others do to me.
  • the third time i was watching some new ye...
jan 28 2012 ∞
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