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Smells like regurgitated ideas and probably a vampire.

they don't pay me to think they pay me to garbage

i am consistently average in every way

i didn't get to this age by being careful, boys

i'm just looking for a guy that's emotionally available, and not filled with bees

  • hello! my name is jesse
  • i'm 21 (october 2nd)
  • cis girl (she/her)
  • i'm a junior majoring in public relations
  • i like kpop, rooster teeth/achievement hunter, hamilton, dungeons & dragons, true crime, drag queens, and vampires
  • and also about a thousand other things
  • i also talk about my boyfriend a lot so uhhhh sorry lol
  • feel free to talk to me!! i don't bite~~
aug 12 2015 ∞
feb 27 2021 +
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apr 9 2020 +
  • i dont want to explain in explicit detail why i dislike the people i do where said people can see it, so if you really wanna know, dm me
  • i will NEVER ask you why you unfollowed me if we were mutuals, but i will unfollow back; however, if i unfollow you first and you decide that you'd like to be rude to me about it, i will not hesitate to block you
  • please understand that i look out for myself and my own safety and happiness before anything else; this is often why i break mutuals
  • i like villains!! i talk a lot about liking villains!! this does not in any way mean that i condone their behavior or overlook the fact that they may have committed horrible crimes or moral trespasses
  • i have trouble understanding sarcasm via text, so if you're trying to be sarcastic...
oct 28 2015 ∞
apr 9 2020 +
  • you are friends with/close oomfs with 0nipup from tumblr (she goes by oni and madison just in case she ever changes her url and i miss it)
  • you are friends with/close oomfs with people who used to be prominent in the block b, b.a.p, and btob fandoms that used to go by the names stevie, sydni, nat, tetsu, and lulu
  • you are friends with/close oomfs with just about anybody that used to be popular in the toppdogg fandom (so basically kaz and any of their friends)
  • if you are unapologetically bigoted in any way or share things that are bigoted
  • if you make fun of fat people, use fat/fattie/chubby/etc as an insult/joke, or share things that promote this ideology
  • if you think sexualization of minors is an okay thing/not a big deal, and make fun of or belittle people who speak out agai...
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