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all the disgusting and delightful fluff and smutty shit i've read about my fav korean boys. bts/got7. ♡ = favorites.

val wish list (bday - 12/4)
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  • rubber "kim namjoon. listen, if you don’t put your cock in me post-haste, i will actually fist myself. the entire fist. in my ass. don’t play with me.”
  • not what they think bangtan takes care of each other, just not in the ways most people would expect.
  • ass bread yoongi and friends hang out at the studio.
  • ♡♡ j-hope vs 95z 95line decides to make it up to hobi on his birthday for all the bullying they've done lately.
  • ♡ j-hope vs. 95z part 0.5 in hindsight, a cramped car was probably the worst place to be telling an overexcitable 19 year old boy about anything relating to surprise parties.
  • ♡♡ baby, why the sudden change hoseok sighs, almost convinced. the way he stares back at the house makes you think there was a ghost inside, not an overexcited marshmallow with fluffy ears and a tail.
  • love love love another look in the daily lives of namjoon/seokjin/yoongi household.
  • ♡ empty they promised not to get each other anything for valentine's day... seokjin breaks that promise.
  • another day another day in the jin/namjoon/yoongi household.
  • behind closed doors back at the dorm, the boys don't have to hide their feelings. this is the time they look forward to the most, when they don't have to pretend in front of the cameras or fans.
  • i want to fall asleep next to you poly!rap line and a whole bunch of domestic goodness.
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