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all the disgusting and delightful fluff and smutty shit i've read about my fav korean boys. bts/got7. ♡ = favorites.

val wish list (bday - 12/4)
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  • i want to tell you don't hurt me anymore when jackson gets back to the dorm after having had a nine hour filming, jaebum is lying on Jackson’s bed, sprawled all over it like it’s his fucking kingdom whilst he looks at his phone with a smile on his face.
  • i'm addicted but i can't stand the pain inflicted jackson knew from the very beginning that the thing he had with jaebum was just temporary bliss.
  • keep it steady it's been a long hard day for jaebum, and jackson's just trying to help.
  • raising youngjae jb is left to care for his younger brother after their parents die, and he finds himself falling for his brother's new english tutor.
  • someone kill the dj jaebum is in too deep the moment he hears jackson laugh. (and mark might be a little bit magical.)
  • 나와 함께 썸타 jb outright dotes on youngjae and jackson doesn't attempt to hide his dislike for such actions--pining after leader-nim's affection.
  • helping hand jackson has a boner and an injured hand. jaebum is conveniently around.
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