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all the disgusting and delightful fluff and smutty shit i've read about my fav korean boys. bts/got7. ♡ = favorites.

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  • ♡ lagoon in elegant terms, jaebum is jinyoung's sponsor. in inelegant terms, he's jinyoung's sugar daddy. (side story to lapis lazuli)
  • better second time around it’s years later when he spots that eye crinkle. it’s years later and the slight despair and regret he felt the last time he saw those small eye whiskers are replaced by a new warm fondness.
  • for her a few snapshots of jaebum dealing with single parenting over the years.
  • if you do, if i do jaebum's jealousy is fucking terrible and jinyoung's not one to back down too easily either. unfortunately, it's their relationship that has to pay the price.
  • you're beautiful don't we look good together jinyoung always wakes up earlier than jaebum, but that changes sometimes.
  • i'll see you tomrrow it was already past five in the afternoon and one of his students, youngjae, was still in the school’s parents waiting shed. Their class ended an hour ago, and the seven-year-old kid looked bored and sad. he approached the hunched kid on the bench and sat beside him.
  • strawberry ice cream cake jinyoung knows it was a bad idea to agree with jackson’s plan to set him up on blind date; first because he isn’t really interested in dating anyone as of the moment or anytime soon, second because he’s already a mother of a cute and overly adorable child, named youngjae.
  • you're the canvas of my heart “i love you i love you i love you i love you,” jinyoung writes, etching each stroke of the characters onto jaebum’s back.
  • strings to hearts jinyoung dislikes the fact that jaebum carries too many burdens on his shoulders.
  • inked most people view jinyoung as the moody one, the sensitive one, and therefore the one that more often needs comforting. which is true, but somehow “more often” is generalized to “always”, and people forget there are times when jaebum needs the same. but jinyoung never forgets.
  • we only love with jagged edges jinyoung and jaebum only know how to love in destructive ways--stars clashing in their fate.
  • the world is tilted and i'm no longer alright sometimes jinyoung ponders too much in an "almost".
  • burnt tinder and glowing ashes, we're rekindling our love jaebum reckons he's a blue flame and jinyoung is oxygen.
  • sweet petals and thrashing thorns jaebum's hopelessly in love with jinyoung and it feels as if he's fourteen again, drowning in the wrath of first loves.
  • ♡ the world is at standstill yet you still pull me towards you one day jaebum finds out that the fragrance invading his apartment is from the new takokayi cart on the street, and he also finds out that owner of said stall pulls him in like the moon and the ocean tide.
  • there's an ocean in my soul jinyoung wakes up one day with tidal waves crashing against his soul.
  • still, wish you were here it's jaebum's birthday, and jinyoung points out that they don’t exactly have very many opportunities to pretend like they're in a long distance relationship.
  • ♡♡♡♡ one day, robots will cry jaebum is the owner of an android repair shop. jinyoung is a prototype that gets abandoned on his front step one night in desperate need of repairs, and also quite possibly the best thing that ever happened to jaebum.
  • do you ever wonder based on a quote by jr. when he said he felt like crying during the 2nd year anniversary of jj project's debut.
  • the gift jinyoung's housemates order him an escort for his 21st birthday, however things don't go as smoothly as they'd expected.
  • only where jaebum is a model and jinyoung is a writer.
  • ♡♡♡ bed sheets jinyoung, a young man who's nothing but a “simple prostitute” (in his own words,) finds himself falling in love with one of his clients – someone who's far from within his reach and just as vulnerable as him. complications ensue. pretty woman au.
  • turn it up now jaebum makes a playlist for jinyoung to listen to, but he’s the one who ends up hearing something… interesting.
  • of secret angels and broken devils jaebum doesn't talk--can't talk. jackson decides he likes it this way, where jaebum is isolated from the reaches of others. it's hell on earth but when jinyoung starts approaching the older male, jaebum thinks he's finally found his angel.
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