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all the disgusting and delightful fluff and smutty shit i've read about my fav korean boys. bts/got7. ♡ = favorites.

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  • would you be like me--wanting to speak and not saying a word "It’s when Jackson’s away for filming and Youngjae’s lazing around in the Hong Kong male and their eldest member’s room, that he blurts out he’s lonely."
  • sunday morning generally speaking, it's mark's job to wake youngjae up in the mornings. also generally speaking, mark is more than willing to do just about anything youngjae suggests to him. these two facts naturally converge at some point.
  • afternoon delight even when you're in the same band together, and spend every day together, and own a dog together, it's possible to miss someone so much it hurts. mark never realizes it soon enough, but youngjae lets him fix it every time.
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