• sighs - happy, wistful ones
  • moans
  • whispers
  • shuddered breaths of arousal
  • giggles
  • wind chimes
  • wind blowing through trees
  • rain
  • waves washing on the shore
  • soft middle of the night snores from next to you
  • a cat's purr
  • a dog's growl
  • music boxes - something about those metal tines that just do it for me.
apr 15 2013 ∞
apr 15 2013 +
  • I want my whole house to smell like sandalwood
  • I want my bedroom to smell like Nag Champa
  • Baby lotion.. light of it.. its snugglie
  • Ironed cotton... fresh from the iron
  • Fabric softener on clean clothes
  • Fresh smell of rain on the air
  • The smell of certain flowers
  • Old lady make up.. it seems to have a scent that mine just doesnt.
  • Fruits like lemon, lime, and oranges
  • I like to kiss a smoker... something in their breath... not after they have smoked but like 30 min later when its not fresh in their mouth but just on thier breath
  • Some shampoos... the scent they leave after they are out of the shower

I am sure there are a million more but that is what was on my mind. :)

may 2 2013 ∞
may 2 2013 +