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Da Da Da dare yori mo kimi o aishiteru nante
ienai yo, ienai yo
dakedo ima yori motto kimi suki ni naru kamo?
nante ienai yo
daitan futeki ni koi shitai Ah Ha

  • Rt heavy!
  • Sometimes I like to vent.
  • I swear.
  • Multi-fandom!
  • I like making mutuals, as long as you post stuff like what I like!! And are nice.
  • I only use She/Her for Arashi. She is a woman.
  • I like to know about current drama. I don't actively start any, unless it includes warning my friends about people or defending myself or others.
  • I have lots of opinions. Like, a lot.
  • I do not like 3rd/1st year ships.
  • My ships are weird. Sometimes they don't make sense. Sometimes I cross-ship between series, or hate a ship one way unless I AU it to my standards.
  • I might be NSFW sometimes
  • I have heavy opinions on Femstars. I don't hate it! I just don't like some of the things I see, so I have it muted.
  • I do play BL VNs. Some are bad and I understand that, I don't defend anything gross that happens and I will usually skip it. I will talk about what I'm playing though, although I will tag it. Wanting to play games about gay people is a struggle
  • I am a big BL fan. Most of the content I interact with is BL or MLM ships.
  • My likes are. Interesting. if you don't like half naked men or interesting camera shots, I'd look away.
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