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  • sookie
  • 25
  • she/her/they/them
  • bi(?)
  • biochem student
  • this goes without saying but don't follow if you are sexist/racist/homophobic/transphobic/ableist.
  • nowadays, i'm very selective when it comes to follow backs especially if we don't have fandoms in common.
  • i'm a multifandom mess but currently i'm mostly into anime, toku and a few mobages.
  • i'm going back to college in the fall so please do not fret if i don't reply immediately; i'm just in the middle of school stress.
  • i livetweet a lot. A LOT. however, i tag almost all my livetweets except for re-watches.
  • i don't retweet a lot of social justice tweets but that doesn't mean i'm not engaged or not listening. i learn a lot from the social justice tweet retweeted on my tl but i feel i may not be the right person to chime in.
  • i don't check my indirects often so @-ing or dm-ing me is the best.
  • my twitter account can occasionally get nsfw but i always tag my tweets as nsfw unless i'm in a conversation with friends.
  • please feel free to dm me if you need to me to tag anything.
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