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This was created with the intention of helping those who want to stan NCT, but have no idea where to start! ٩( > ω • )و I've compiled their MVs, stations, OSTs, variety shows, series and so on, so I hope this can be helpful! «٩(*´ ꒳ `*)۶»
I do not own the videos posted here, therefore all credits go to their respective and rightful owners!
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  • NCT (엔시티) stands for “Neo Culture Technology”, and its main goal is to be a globally influent group, with units based in different countries, such as NCT 127, in Korea, and the upcoming NCT China.
  • It is a group that expands infinitely and has a limitless number of members – which means new members might be added every year.
  • Each sub-unit has a different concept, therefore NCT plays with all kinds of music genres, dance techniques, fashion and concepts – it is a group that aims to be influent not only with its music, but also with all kinds of artistic approaches to it. NCT can be considered a brand.
  • NCT’s fandom name is ‘NCTzen,’ and the nickname is ‘Seasonie/Tizennie’, implying that all of NCT stans live in the ‘N-city’. The fandom color is lime green.
  • NCT as a whole has no leader, although Taeyong is the leader of NCT 127, the only fixed unit of the group.
  • All members started as SMROOKIES, which is SM Entertainment’s pre-debut training team. The trainees are divided in groups based on the year of each SMROOKIE group formation (this is why Kun, Jungwoo and Lucas were members of SR17B, even though they joined SM way before 2017) as well as the gender. NCT consists of members from SR14B, SR15B and SR17B.
  • Until now, NCT has three units:
    • NCT 127: it's the unit based in Seoul (127 is the longitude of Seoul). It has ten members. It’s the first unit to win an award on Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), in 2016, as rookie of the year. In the second half of 2018, the new member Jungwop was added to the unit. NCT 127 has a fierce style, with hip-hop and R&B as its biggest influences and inspirations.
    • NCT DREAM: it's the unit composed only of teenagers. Therefore, when a member turns 19 (international age), he graduates from the group. Newer members will keep being added. Once a member graduates, he'll move to other units. NCT DREAM is the first unit to get a Triple Crown on a music show (SBS MTV’s The Show). They play mostly with pop and cheerful sounds, but with 'GO' they showed they can have a fierce side as well.
    • Obs.: After Chewing Gum promotions, Jaemin went on a hiatus due to a herniated disc, therefore he couldn’t participate of My First and Last and We Young promotions. He returned from his hiatus for NCT DREAM's 'GO' promotions, one of the new songs presented by the big NCT 2018 project.
    • NCT U: it's the rotational unit. The line up will never be the same, because they choose the members that fit a specific concept. This is why we usually refer to each comeback as ‘NCT U + the name of the song’. For example, we have NCT U - The 7th Sense, NCT U - Without You, NCT U – BOSS, NCT U - Baby Don't Stop and NCT U - Yestoday. Any member of NCT can be a part of NCT U if they suit the needs of a certain song. NCT U usually presents new members that were added to NCT.
    • NCT 2018 was a project that included all 18 members. They promoted throughout the spam of three months, went on variety shows, fansigns and presented six new different songs, by different units. The result of NCT 2018 was NCT’s first full album: NCT 2018 Empathy, which consisted of the new songs presented on the project and previous tracks, since the main goal of this album was to show NCT’s different approaches to music and its growth since 2016.
    • On 2019, it was announced that the Chinese unit would finally debut, under the name WayV. It's members are: Ten, Lucas, Winwin, Kun and the three recently introduced rookies: Xiaojun, Yang Yang and Hendery.
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