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This was created with the intention of helping those who want to stan NCT, but have no idea where to start! ٩( > ω • )و I've compiled their MVs, stations, OSTs, variety shows, series and so on, so I hope this can be helpful! «٩(*´ ꒳ `*)۶»
I do not own the videos posted here, therefore all credits go to their respective and rightful owners!
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jun 24 2019 +
user picture lorsy: hi, i think Idol Room isn't included in this list? thank you for this, btw. I realized I still have a lot of shows to watch lol jan 18 2019
user picture NCT's field: You're right!!! I already added now, thank you so much for telling me otherwise I wouldn't have noticed <333 feb 2 2019
user picture jade: Hi maybe i'm wrong or maybe i just cant read xD but i think you forgot nct life (in : osaka ; bangkok;seoul;paju;chiang mai) law of the jungle with lucas nct on air (it was before they debute i think ) nct night night happy together ep569 (taeyong and jaehyun) there are all youtube (well a least they were anyway thank you for your awazing job (sorry for my english Im french so...) feb 14 2019
user picture NCT's field: hi darling! all these series and shows are on the official videos list, check it out too! feb 23 2019
user picture Uyen: Hi, I was wondering if you could add any of the newer WayV variety shows? Thanks for taking the time to organize all this by the way may 21 2019
user picture NCT's field: hello!! I will! I am in a hiatus due to university, but I will update as soon as I go on vacations! I truly apologize for my absence ;_; jun 24 2019
user picture Lily: u should know how happy i am to find this site jan 10 2020