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(please let me know via cc or @/dm if there is anything you that feel is important to know my stance on)

translating my fics

at this time, i do not allow my fics to be translated into any other language, nor do i allow reposts (or plagiarism, obviously). i am very honored every time someone asks if they may translate my work, but i'm just not comfortable giving away some of my control like that. once my work is in a language that i don't understand and circulating around sides of fandom that i never navigate, there is no way for me to really have control over what is being done with what i created. i'm sure people ask to translate my work with no ill will, but i would rather just avoid that stress altogether. if i change my mind about this in the future, i will say so.

unwanted criticism

even if you have good intentions, it is n...

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extra things from my curiouscat or twitter that i wanted to preserve~

character/ship analyses


fic title meme

"send me a made-up fic title and i'll te...

character headcanon meme

"for every like, i will tell you one hea...

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i'm no life expert, but occasionally people ask me for advice. here are some things that i hope can help any of you, even just a little.



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