bitch im a cow bitch im a cow im not a cat i dont say meow bit-

  • im clef with one f!
  • 14 y/o - im a minor so keep that in mind when interacting
  • jan 15
  • they/them
    • male leaning non-binary
  • pansexual
    • female leaning
  • I LOVE POLITE CAT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • a tad too obsessed with band
    • my only irl "hobby"
  • i have issues talking to people
    • pls dont take my horrible social interaction as me hating you or something like that; im just bad at maintaining friendship...
nov 2 2018 ∞
nov 3 2018 +

ok honestly if you look at my mal and you bring up anything on that ill be willing to gush about it but heres some of my main things

in order from fave to least fave

  • danganronpa (specifically drv3)
  • boku no hero academia
  • steven universe
  • any inio asano books (ive read almost all of them)
  • doki doki literature club
  • i love yoo
  • undertale/delta rune
  • love live
  • mystic messenger
  • literally any studio ghibli movie (ive watched them all)
nov 3 2018 ∞
nov 3 2018 +

im a closet kinnie! meaning i dont kin on main. however im still uncomfortable with some doubles and you may too!

bold = uncomfortable with doubles

  • yuri plisetsky (yoi)
  • yuri (ddlc)
  • chihiro fujisaki (dr)
  • ochaco uraraka (bnha)
  • kenma kozume (hq)
  • onodera punpun (goodnight punpun)

some faves/comfort characters (excluding kins)

  • gonta gokuhara (dr)
  • gundham tanaka (dr)
  • rin hoshizora (llsip)
  • mari ohara (llss)
  • nozomi tojo (llsip)
  • aizawa shouta (bnha
  • junkrat (ow)
  • ralsei (delta rune)
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nov 3 2018 +

so you guys are annoying! i know every editor has to deal with it but i have a low tolerance to this stuff and i feel bad trolling

whats the song/anime?????

  • the song/media is always listed in the first comment of the edit. if its not then i dont know it

what program do you use???

  • adobe after effects cc 2018. i do use sony vegas pro 14 for a couple things like coloring but thats stuff you can do on ae im just lazy

can i repost?

  • yes, but tag me. unless the caption says "dont repost" if you tag me we're good

can you teach me how to edit??

  • NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i do not have time to t...
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some general things to know before following

  • although for the most part im not open about it on main, i do ship some pedo/incest/abusive relationships.
    • i rarely edit them but if it makes you uncomfy dont follow
      • ofc i dont condone those type of ships irl
  • if youre an irl youre 100% getting blocked on my story and you're getting blocked if you harass me about my edits
  • im a closet kinnie, dont follow if you hate kins
    • read my kin list if youre uncomfortable with doubles
  • i will talk about my faves a lot
nov 3 2018 ∞
nov 3 2018 +

this is mainly for me but also please dont give me spoilers about these

  • hunter x hunter
  • haikyuu!! 2nd season
  • osomatsu-san
  • guilty crown
  • himouto! umaru-chan
  • grisaia no rakuen
  • pingu in the city
  • naruto
nov 3 2018 ∞
dec 12 2018 +

this is mainly for me so suck my dick

  • trampoline - feb 2nd
  • black magic - feb 10th
  • now you know
  • hey yeah
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