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22 - trans, gay - he/him/his.
artist, writer, aspiring mortician.

"there is something at work in my soul, which i do not understand."—MARY SHELLEY.

henry follows:


  • 'frankenstein', mary shelley.
  • 'the gone dead', chanelle benz.
  • [i honestly don't read enough fiction so 3-5 i gotta add later]


  • 'from here to eternity: traveling the world to find the good death', caitlin doughty.
  • 'smoke gets in your eyes', caitlin doughty.
  • 'critical play: radical game design', mary flanagan.
  • 'the denial of death', ernest becker.
  • 'the secret diaries of miss anne lister', anne lister.


  • 'the three sources and three component parts of marxism', v.i. lenin.
  • 'capital', karl marx & friedrich engels.
  • 'reform or revolution', rosa luxemburg.
  • 'caliban and the witch', silvia federici.
  • 'teaching to transgress', bell hooks.


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