• i'm 21 (9/16/1997)
  • my pronouns are he/it
  • do not refer to my gender as any sort of category. i don't identify with any terms like trans, cis, nb, gq, or even questioning. calling me a guy or something like that is fine, it's just the categories i don't like
  • i'm gay
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oct 13 2018 +


  • if you are under 18 i will not follow first unless i didn't know but i might follow back if that's alright
  • i don't typically follow people who are into hypmic first but i'll often follow back
  • even if i don't follow back, feel free to interact with me..! usually, my reasons for not following back are like... your account appears to be mostly rts, or we don't seem to have a lot in common, or you're just particularly young. it's still fine to try to make friends with me..!


please do not softblock when unfollowing, it drives me nuts not knowing who left. i won't start shit or anything over it and will probably unfollow back eventually (or you can ask me to)

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i'm ao3 user frozenCinders. if you want to request a fic, i have a tumblr sideblog with the same username

if you're requesting, please keep these things in mind:

  • no underage (17 or under) characters involved in sexual situations
  • no incest. obviously platonic family interactions are fine, but i'll decline the request if i sense an ulterior motive or know you ship incest
  • no r*pe
  • no real people except fictional interpretations of historical figures (ie: fate series, dynasty warriors, bungou stray dogs, etc)
  • there are a lot of kinks/ships i'm simply not into and won't write due to disinterest. this isn't an attack against you or me saying whatever it is is gross
  • nothing wrong with fling posse but please...
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oct 13 2018 +
  • i'm chronically ill and will sometimes talk about things like chest pain, having trouble breathing, weakness/fatigue, almost fainting in the shower, headaches, etc.
  • i love card games. i try to shut the fuck up about them since i barely have any mutuals who are into that stuff but sometimes i can't help it
  • i love foxes and dwarf hamsters and rt a lot of pictures of them
  • can get a little horny on main sometimes but it's usually jokes, i have a private account for actual nsfw stuff. i also sometimes even get too embarrassed to post nsfw jokes on main even if they're silly
  • as of writing this, i just got a new phone that actually has room for games so i've been excitedly posting a lot of screenshots from feh and bsd mayoi, sorry about that
dec 19 2016 ∞
oct 13 2018 +
  • i absolutely love koei warriors and recently have been tweeting a lot about warriors orochi 4 and, more specifically, ares from wo4
  • i also love yugioh (the card game itself, i've barely watched any of the anime) and cardfight vanguard (same situation there)
  • i talk about stuff i think people will find me annoying for on my personal more often than not (like. i've uploaded a fuckton of like videos and screenshots of wo4 on there; way more than on main) but will sometimes like my Cursed Interests on main as well so sorry about that
  • i really like horror games even though i don't actually play them and when i find a new one that seems interesting i'll usually binge read the entire wiki if it has one. please recommend indie horror games for me to read about
nov 8 2018 ∞
nov 8 2018 +
  • samatoki is my favorite character
  • mtc is my favorite group
  • i don't necessarily dislike fling posse but i think they are lowest in my rankings....
  • this one is extremely important: if i talk about samatoki (or anyone else) with jiro or saburo it's in a strictly platonic way. usually it's shit like "samatoki playing yugioh with saburo" or "samatoki trying to help jiro with his homework but realizing he's Also a dumbass" etc
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