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I sleep, I dream. I make up things that I would never say. I say them very quietly.

niaise follows:
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  • an apple pie that just got out of the oven
  • the salty sea air
  • freshly washed linen
  • the spiced fragrance of preparing a broth
  • mowed grass
  • a big bouquet of roses
  • an old brick city after a good rain storm
  • (pine-)forest airs
  • dried oregano for in a pasta sauce
  • drinking mint tea
  • hyacinth flowers
  • father's eau de cologne
  • the pages of both old and new books
  • lavender patches
  • mahogany furniture
  • sticking cloves in oranges
  • a bakery full of golden breads
  • dark soil soaked by the rain
  • freshly bathed baby's
  • the outside air deep at night and at dawn of day
  • the lingering scent of a just blown out candle
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