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I sleep, I dream. I make up things that I would never say. I say them very quietly.

niaise follows:
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  • dance underneath glimmering chandeliers at an imperial ball
  • have tea with marie antoinette
  • ride in a horse-drawn carriage through yorkshire moors
  • go stargazing with vincent van gogh
  • run through the halls of the winter palace with the last tsar daughters
  • be a pre-raphaelite muse
  • pick and press flowers with emily dickinson
  • smell the flowers in the gardens of versailles
  • attend masked balls during the italian renaissance
  • dance the charleston with josephine baker
  • star in one of george méliès’ films
  • take strolls through rome with lucrezia borgia
  • visit beatrix potter and help her with gardening and farming
  • take the orient express from paris to constantinople
  • dress up in artistic dresses with lizzie siddal
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