• take this longing / leonard cohen
    • Let me see your beauty broken down Like you would do for one you love
  • first six months of love / michelle gurevich
    • You finally meet someone Suddenly the chapter's written
  • aria of jeweled tears / full of hell
    • You're clawing your way to heaven, but where is your soul?
  • the most beautiful bitter fruit / la dispute
    • After sundown, before sleeping I am the worst of me, I am a mess of these
  • meteor shower / cavetown
    • I'd sell my own bones for sapphire stones 'Cause blue's your favorite color
  • thank you for the venom / my chemical romance
    • And give me all your hopeless hearts And make me ill
  • a portrait of / sorority noise
    • And I'm not trying to lead him on But he's always trying to fuck me To the tune of my favorite song
  • a dangerous thing / aurora
    • Something about you is soft like an angel And something inside you is violence and danger
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