01 : subscribe is a must but however, upvotes are very much appreciated. currently we are only accepting 3 months and older year old aff account.

02 : this is an aurp. therefore, you can decide your own life background such as occupation, family, education etc. must be related with our concept.

03 : this is a closed rp. any form of interactions with outsiders will lead to a kickout from nighthawk city.

04 : we only accept idols that are involved in k-industry. j-idols, thai idols and that ilk are not allowed. the list of banned idols can be seen at "how to join".

05 : tcc is limitless, cc is only allowed once in a month. semi-hiatus is 2 weeks & 1 month for full hiatus. do inform to admin regarding with your character & hiatus status. no latest post on your tl in a span of 7 days will lead to a kickout.

06 : moving couples are welcomed here. dating ban is 5 days starting from the date of your arrival. marriage ban is one month. m-preg or pregnant is probihited.

07 : one account per soul. if you break this rule, we might kick you out without a warn. ooc dramas are not allowed and vice versa for ic dramas but pls keep it minimum. if we feel it's getting worse, we might kick both parties out from this city.

08 : no cliques! please greet everyone and lastly, you are free to slide into admin's pm for any questions or clarifications. have fun! password is your fav car.

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