• Loud eaters
  • People who can't grasp the concept of personal space
  • Bad Hygiene
  • Opinionated people who can't take other people's opinions but get grumpy when their opinions aren't heard - as if they are only people who can be opinionated...
  • People at work who don't clean up after themselves
  • People who always search for something to complain about
  • Inconsiderate smokers (who smoke around kids and other people)
  • Attention seekers
  • Cyclists on non cycling pathways who expect you to move for them
  • Slow walkers who stop right in front of you then get grumpy when you bump into them
  • People who 'tlk lyke dis'
  • Lazy arse people at work who delegate too much
  • People who can't respect others religions (not just Christians! It works both ways!!)
  • People who just can't respect each other
  • Parents who bring children on the quiet coach on a train - who are you kidding? There's no why in hell they'll be quiet!
  • People who talk loudly on the quiet coach of a train - can you not read? It's the quiet coach, it means shut the fuck up!!!
  • When people call twins 'The Twins'. They are two separate people, treat them like it!
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