• A true RWD, 5-6 Spd, hardtop, coupe (aka a sportscar)
  • A Porsche.
  • A GTI (or another "hot hatch")
  • A car with DSG/PDK
  • A convertible (manual mx-5?)
may 12 2009 ∞
feb 13 2014 +
user picture rebecca: im so proud of youuu! this is the first semi-interesting nik list :ppp (just kiddinn) may 13 2009
user picture libby: you butchered porsche. may 24 2009
user picture Nik: yes typing too fast = no bueno may 25 2009
user picture libby: and good luck getting a car :P it'll sit in your drivewayyyy until you get your license first....lol. may 24 2009
user picture Nik: If I had any car it would motivate me to get it just that much more. If I had one of those, I'd get it tomorrow :p may 25 2009