• Go see fun. and Miniature Tigers at Great Scott
  • Go see Kevin Devine and the get up kids at the palladium.
  • Install new HDD and ram into MBP
  • Get my license!
  • Go see Brand New July 12th at the Middle East!
  • Make license appointment!
  • Move into BSC
  • Save Save Save for Macbook Pro
  • Senior Prom date and fastttt
  • Apply To colleges
    • BSC
    • UMassD
  • Transcript Release Form
  • Learn the D60
  • Get into college (BSC & UMass D.!)
  • Mac?
  • Sign-up for Drivers ED
  • Go out for breakfast on a school day
  • Ace the interview at McDonalds (hey, it's better than nothing)
  • Turn in the check for Senior Trip!
  • Go see Brand New on March 5th!
  • Go see Manchester Orchestra April 30th!
  • Go see Kevin Devine June 6th!
  • Get kicked outta walmart
  • Get Brand New's new cd
  • Get Manchester Orchestra's new cd, Mean Everything To Nothing
  • Rip mp3 from every man orch video released before the cd
  • That season that comes after winter fling date
  • $500 deposit by May 1st
  • Spring Fling tickets
  • Spring Fling shirt
  • 50mm F/1.8 nikkor
  • Get on Manchester Orchestra's Myspace
jan 1 2009 ∞
aug 5 2009 +
user picture libby: oh hay! i have this girl at work... you might be interested in her. maybe not. she's a freshmen from coyle i think. she likes BRAND NEW!!! i told her she has to meet you if she likes Manchester Orchestra...so i told her to look them up. lol. jan 1 2009
user picture libby: what do you want to go to college for? and you got the d60?!
user picture Nik: haha. you never know...
user picture chloe: electric wheelchair race! hahaha feb 24 2009
user picture rebecca: hahahahha kicked out of walmart. loveee youu<3333 mar 8 2009
user picture JeanMarie: you've completed almost everything so far! wooh! may 5 2009