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  • Feel free to follow/unfollow/mute
  • I post my drawings in between random pictures (i'm sorry) and I don't have an art account (i'm sorry (2))
  • If you find one of my sub accounts, please don't add unless I add you first
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  • Please don't use my drawings for icon/header etc without my permission (unless stated as free icon)
  • Reposting and editing/altering my art is strictly prohibited! Instead of reposting, please just retweet it from my own accounts!
  • Commission is open for Indonesian! Just ask me for details through DM/email!
    • All of my commission drawings are not free to use except for the commissioner
  • Requests are (sometimes) ok as long as i know you well enough
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Hi! I'm nimi! Thanks for visiting this page c:

  • From Jakarta, Indonesia
  • '95
  • English/Indonesian ok, 日本語はまだ勉強中です (シンプルの日本語なら大丈夫と思います)(たぶん)
  • Summer-fishcake combi enthusiast
  • My biggest interest is in utaite and mobage (as listed on the right)
  • Feel free to talk to me anytime!
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(All listed on my carrd here)

  • Twitter @niminanrii
  • Pixiv ID 4682748
  • Instagram @nimi_pri
  • Tumblr niminanrii (very rarely opened)
  • Discord nimipri#2782 (very rarely opened)
  • Email nimi7215★gmail.com (★→@)
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It's not limited to these things, but these are what you'll see the most from this account, I suppose.

  • Utaite
    • Rib, Natsushiro Takaaki, nqrse, Chomaiyo, Miyakawa-kun
    • Favorite unit/combi: natsunaru, kashirib, ROC
  • (formerly) Vocalo-P/other musicians
    • MikitoP, 40mP, keeno, U-ske, nuyuri, Police Piccadilly, Kenshi Yonezu, wowaka (Hitorie), Zutomayo, Yorushika
  • Gacha games hell (or formerly)
    • A3! (Harugumi, Fuyugumi; Sakuya, Tenma, Yuki, Azuma, Chikage; TenSaku)
    • Ensemble Stars (fine, Ra*bits; Yuzuru, Hajime, Madara; SubaShino)
    • Aikatsu (Mikuru, Kii, Hinaki, Sakura, Madoka, Koharu)
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