• I retweet a lot; feel free to mute RT
  • Feel free to follow/unfollow/mute
  • I don't always post art routinely; it's either i post everyday in a week or no art for weeks
  • I do have some ships but i try to make this acc neutral, or at least not making it obvious. for reasons.
  • If you find my reply acc (@nimipri7201) please refrain from following, as it is just an acc i use to reply to some people so it's mostly abandoned
  • If you find one of my locked accs, please don't add unless I add you first
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  • Unless it's stated that it's for free-use, please don't use my drawings for icon/header etc.
  • If it's for free-use, please credit me somewhere in your profile
  • If you want to use any of my drawings for a fic cover/etc please ask beforehand
  • Repost is strictly prohibited! Instead of reposting, please just retweet/reblog/like it from my own accounts! (links on the about me list)
    • If it's facebook though then you can do it as long as you tell me first, or at least credit me
  • Requests are (sometimes) ok as long as i know you well enough
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Hi! I'm nimi! Thanks for visiting this page c:

  • From Jakarta, Indonesia
  • '95
  • I draw, sometimes sing in some projects with friends haha
  • If you know me irl you can call me with my real name (tbh i'd prefer that bc it feels weird otherwise w)
  • English/Indonesian ok, still trying to learn 日本語 (シンプルの日本語なら大丈夫)(たぶん)
  • I don't talk much to people and rarely initiates convo but feel free to mention/DM! (i want friends come befriend me)
  • Links of other SNS and some other contacts/info on my carrd here (basically you can find me easily by searching niminanrii, except on instagram)
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I actually play several but only A3 has friend system among the ones i currently play www

A3 code: 992641101

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It's not limited to these things, but these are what you'll see the most from this account, I suppose.

  • Utaite
    • Rib
    • nqrse
    • Chomaiyo
    • Natsushiro Takaaki
    • Favorite unit/combi: natsunaru, kashirib, ROC
  • VocaloP
    • MikitoP
    • 40mP
    • keeno
    • U-ske
    • nuyuri
    • Balloon
    • PoliceP
  • Some former NND musicians , like Kenshi Yonezu and wowaka
  • Idol-and-sorta-idol mobage
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