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Taehyung x Jeongguk

(i mostly love all taekook i read tho)

Taehyung is a lost college student. He falls in love with the radio DJ on Cool FM who comes on at midnight every day.

Be my sun, and I'll be your moon, and together, we can watch the stars.

Min Yoongi wakes up from a nightmare on a sunless afternoon to a reality more twisted than his dizziest daydreams.

Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand is the beginning of a journey.

It's hard to find just one person in a sea of stars.

No homo. Except, like, a lot of homo actually.

Taehyung has always wanted to be a superhero. Jeongguk has always been a supernatural.

Part 1 of Moonrise

maybe they're a little bit ridiculous, but people always did fall in love in the strangest ways.

Jungkook is the sun. Taehyung is the moon.

Dates are cool. Dates with straight-laced family friends arranged by your mother are not. Thank goodness Jeon Jeongguk has his trusty best friend Kim Taehyung close by to bail him out of any dire situations.

Jeongguk gets stood up and a weird barista with a nametag that says "V" won't stop making him weird drinks with names like 'lean green fighting machine' and acting out complete monologues behind the counter.

From the moment Jungkook turned 18, he had been excited to see the numbers appear on his wrist.


Just 762 days before he finally meets his soulmate.




And then it stops.

based off the prompt: "Taekook college AU! The college tour guide raved about the uni's friendly atmosphere and amicable student body, but wanted a high five from a cute student and all he got was a glare"

“You think relationships last in the Village? You want one with me? You think you’ll be happy?” Maybe Taehyung did think that they could be happy.

Taehyung gets stood up and Jeongguk (unsuccesfully) tries to ignore him

When you make six figures a year, Valentino isn’t that big of a deal.

Jimin convinces Jungkook to pose nude for a senior's photography project.

Jungkook's a rich playboy and Taehyung's his secretary. He wants to get into Taehyung's pants, but Taehyung's no easy lay.

Jeongguk comes up to Seoul to pursue a music career and somehow ends up rooming next to that one dude in the sharehouse who just will not stop making noises in the middle of the night.

Fool me twice, shame on me.

Frankly speaking, Taehyung knew better than to change his phone background to that picture of Jeongguk.

_When Taehyung signed on at BTS Entertainment, he just thought he'd start getting laid a lot more. Then he films with Jeon Jeongguk.

Taehyung never thought he'd fall in love with his roommate. Then again, he never thought his roommate would have been a literal gift from god either.

For his first year of university, Jeongguk expects sex. If he was honest with himself, it's one of the things he looked forward to.

What he doesn't expect, is to become fuck buddies with the first person he hooks up with.

in that cold winter, taehyung would say he loved. he tried hard for it to be love.

A playful make-out session on a Sunday evening turns out to be a little more than that.

Who could possibly be ‘Hubby<3’ in someone like Jeon Jeongguk’s phone?

"Hey," Taehyung coolly leans against the desk and winks at Jeongguk. "You busy?"

Jeongguk looks up from his open notebook and asks, "What do you want?"

"Oh, you know," Taehyung shrugs. Slowly, he reaches for the top of Jeongguk's tie and strokes down its length. "This or that."

Or you.

Jimin x Jeongguk

You know those people who say technology is driving people apart? Yeah, fuck them.

"You see, one loves the sunset when one is so sad." -- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

"his dirty laundry isn't something i can keep clean"

the fans have another thing comin'--but speaking of coming...

Jungkook pays Jimin a late night visit in hopes of apologizing. And he does just that.

Yoongi x Jimin

Jimin gets lost in Seoul and gets on the wrong bus.

Where the wind blows, Yoongi goes. "How much longer do you two think you can play pretend?"

Jimin couldn't breathe, then Yoongi slipped in his life along with summer breeze.

Jimin isn't sure what possessed him to lie to his mother and tell her that he had a boyfriend, but now that he's opened the position, he has no choice but to fill it. Yoongi is, apparently, his only option.

Yoongi brings his camera along to the event without thinking much about it, but Jimin really is too cute to resist photographing. (Alternate-reality where Yoongi becomes a Jimin fansite master.)

Confidence is sexy. Jimin's sure of that. And frankly, Jimin is never more confident than when he's grinding on a stranger and can feel shaky breath on his neck, when he can practically feel the heat pulsing from the other person as they get increasingly more rules up. He loves being in control and having people under his finger, turning and shooting them a cheeky smirk, biting his lip and playing coy. It's more exciting when they play along.

When they grab him and go with the flow.

Which is exactly why when he spots a guy leaning up against the bar in an expensive looking outfit and a drink in his hand, Jimin can't help himself.

Jimin and Yoongi have, by no means, a boring sex life. Ever since the two met at what has since grown to be Jimin’s favorite club- and ever since Jimin realized just how fucking loaded Yoongi is- things have escalated into something just shy of sugar daddy and sugar baby status. Jimin’s friends had gawked at him when he’d informed them, but the heavy diamond studded necklace resting against his chest outweighs their questioning stares. (Especially when it’s slapping against his chest as Yoongi fucks him hard and fast from behind, holding onto the top of the headboard while the bed knocks a new set of dents into the wall.)

_Sequel to this

Soulmates. They're something vague and the only clues to them lie within your dreams.

Jimin had a lot of questions at the beginning, after Yoongi first told him.

Jimin's first heat comes as a surprise.

Yoongi was sure when he began working as a barista at the local cafe, meeting Park Jimin wasn't part of his plan.

Falling in love wasn't part of the plan either. But really, when did things ever go his way?

Jimin is a novice pickpocket in the streets of Hongdae. Yoongi is his target.

Jimin's smirking and Yoongi knows he's a sight; his apron is half unbuttoned and his hair has been mussed up. He wants to fidget, or maybe finish getting changed, but there's no way he's doing that with the way that Jimin is still staring.

"Jeongguk was right, hyung," Jimin eventually says. "I'd probably let you be my girlfriend too."

Big Hit Entertainment is going to debut the first ever half-human, half-vampire hip hop group. They are planning to make some incredibly good music and mountains of money, and of course show the uncertain Korean society that the undead can operate in perfect harmony with the living.

It’s a glorious plan, too glorious if you ask Jimin.

Yoongi is careless over a test and ends up with Jimin tutoring him. Yoongi's sure he's never talked to someone this much in months but he can't say he finds it as annoying or frustrating as he thought he would.

“sometimes i wonder what your voice sounds like, jiminie.”

Jimin thinks he's hearing things. He's not. But he might wish he was.

The first time isn't too bad. Neither is the second. It's only ever really by the third time he comes that Jimin starts to feel wrecked.

When Jimin said he wanted a dildo for his birthday, he didn’t mean that he actually wanted a dildo for his birthday.

Everyday at 5PM, the same guy sits in the same chair at the same table. It’s become somewhat of a routine for Jimin now, glancing quickly at the clock at 4:49PM to make sure the guy’s table is cleaned.

Jimin is alone in the dorms and jerks off while thinking about his hyungs.

1. jimin and yoongi are stretched out on opposite ends of the soft couch in yoongi’s suite lounge, the length of the couch just short enough that their legs overlap, jimin’s heels digging into yoongi’s shins. after a crap day at work, his campus job in the cafeteria where, today, he had to swipe meal cards for four hours straight, sitting on a too-small stool next to the door, jimin can’t sit still. he keeps fidgeting while he’s rambling, pushing his heels deeper into yoongi’s legs, or jerking his body back so his calves smack against yoongi’s feet.

yoongi has never been good at talking, and words have always sounded so much more beautiful when he writes them, but no matter how he uses them, words can be hard when you have something important to say. aka yoongi is a writer and jimin is his boyfriend

Suga is a dog. Yoongi is a human. Jimin is confused

Seokjin x Namjoon

Plenty of people read Jin's blog, thank you very much.

Namjoon needs to focus, but Jin has other ideas. Also how difficult is it to be emotionless while discreetly getting head under a desk? Kim Namjoon is about to find out.

Namjoon is Seokjin's last believer.

Namjoon is possessive

Bangtan have to do a cute concept, which isn't nearly as much fun as it sounds.

Taehyung x Jimin

Jimin's chest hits the freshly closed door with a dull thud and one of the hands gripping his shirt moves up to fist into his bangs and tug his head back roughly, drawing a low groan out of him. Jimin allows himself a throaty chuckle when Taehyung's grip tightens, tongue running along his top lip expectantly. Taehyung is leaning in close now, breath ghosting along the nape of Jimin's neck before he bites down hard on the juncture between the boy's shoulder and his neck. Jimin gives a fluttery sigh and grinds his hips back earning him a low growl of warning and a tightened grip on his hair.

He loves it.

It’s only been a few weeks since they started experimenting beyond the realms of friendship, but there's a first time for everything.

Hoseok x Taehyung

"Hyung couldn't sleep," Taehyung says, by way of explanation. He feels like some explanation is probably needed for why he and Hoseok are snuggling on the couch together. "Sometimes he can't sleep, and then he comes and gets me and we sleep out here. He says he doesn't know why, but having me around makes it better."

Or: the one where Taehyung is completely and utterly oblivious.

Hoseok decides to adopt a pet, and Taehyung needs a place to stay. This isn't what Hoseok had in mind.

Who needs a functional relationship when you dig your step-sister's boyfriend? Not Taehyung.

Yoongi x Hoseok

January and February come cold and burring, but Yoongi only knows the de novo warmth of March.

It's the accent that caught Yoongi's attention, that rough Gwangju sound that raises goosebumps on his arms. It's funny though, he thinks, that with such an intense sound, the words the rapper is spitting are vaguely... hopeful. All about the music and hip hop and life, nothing negative, no sign of the jadedness that so often captures the minds of underground rappers and consumes them. He doesn't just move across the stage, he glides, dancing, actually dancing, as he finishes up the rhyme. It's definitely not the type of thing Yoongi sees in this place very often- someone who hasn't been crushed under the weight of the struggle to just get noticed.

He isn't sure if he's jealous or just hates the kid.

"Is it okay?" Hoseok's palms slide on the sheets as he falls forward. "It isn't too much, is it?"

"No," Yoongi says, rolling his hips experimentally. Hoseok can feel Yoongi clenching around him and then he can feel the way his body is now relaxing, opening up to the new sensations. It's a familiar pattern. Tense, release. Hold. Push deeper.

Hoseok licks his lips and closes his eyes and tries not to come.

"Hobi," Yoongi groans, tugging him closer, his hand twisted in Hoseok's hair. "Come on. Just let go. Please."

Yoongi and Hoseok get paired together for a class project.

Yoongi has always known forever wouldn't last that long. He just never thought it would be this short.

There is a List of Things one should always be aware of when Min Yoongi comes into the picture. Jung Hoseok does not get the memo.

Yoongi x Seokjin

The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals. It can be cured without side effects only when the feelings are returned.

Seokjin starts coughing up crimson-red rose petals.

“Let’s go to the hospital. To the police. Both.” Yoongi whispered, unsure how to even touch Seokjin.

“No.” Seokjin snapped, trembling but not flinching when Yoongi carefully helped him up, a hand on each arm. “And do what, Yoongi? Get a rape kit? Make the news? Become forever the kid who got raped by three guys? You think that’s going to work for us right now?”

Seokjin is 30 and Yoongi is 17.

Namjoon doesn't pretend, not even for a second, that he doesn't know what Seokjin does to keep them all going. That Seokjin gave up everything so the rest of them could have a chance at something better.

Namjoon x Jimin

Namjoon discovers a cure for Jimin's bad habit of putting all the blame on himself, or at least, the beginnings of a cure.

He is perched on the costly piece of furniture but his hands are neatly clasped on his lap and his eyes are downcast. He has a head of black, combed hair that frames his face almost too unnaturally. There’s a slight sag in his shoulders and he looks so submissive that something dominant, something feral roars within Namjoon. It’s something that Namjoon hasn’t experienced in a long, long time and his mouth waters at the familiarity of it.

The boy's name is Jimin, and he is Namjoon's newest step-brother.

Namjoon x Yoongi

Yoongi just wants to know how big Namjoon's dick is, okay.

when the money for their mixtape runs dry, yoongi and namjoon do the only thing they can do. no, not selling organs. the other thing. it goes catastrophically, as expected.

namjoon expected a lot of things when he called a sexline one night as a dare. yoongi was not one of them.

Yoongi x Taehyung

When Bangtan decides to revisit "End Plate King" things get a little more hands-on than any of them could have expected.

Seokjin x Jeongguk

Seokjin owns a pet supplies shop, Jimin is an idiot, and Jeongguk is a clueless owner of a puppy.

Seokjin wondered why he’d ever thought Jungkook was all innocent.

Seokjin x Jimin

"We all have those memories that don’t end even when everything is over. Some call that critical error. Others call it human existence."

  • Watchers of the Eternal Flame[] ♥♥

Jimin goes to Rio de Janeiro to live his passion. He leaves Rio de Janeiro having found his dream.

Seokjin finds a USB at the library and forgets to turn it in to the Lost & Found. Jimin decides they should look at its contents to find its owner.

Jimin is a mob boss and Seokjin is his princess. There's no way out of the underground world, except through death. Even for the king and his princess

Seokjin x Taehyung

the last think seokjin expects is for one of their members to have a tail.

Hoseok x Jeongguk

He probably hadn’t meant to say it. Had he? Maybe it had just been a slip of the tongue.

Hoseok x Jimin

  • a$$ (on my worst behaviour)[] ♥♥

jimin's got an ass that won't quit and doesn't hoseok know it.


"Maybe we could try messing with one of the other members." He can almost hear Jimin's ears perk up.

"What do you mean? Like a prank?"

"No," Yoongi keeps his voice careful, almost pensive because he does not feel like having an excited, loud mouthed Park Jimin on top of him after sex. He's tired and still a little sweaty and dammit he's feeling cuddly for once in his life- with Park Jimin of all people. He doesn't need him to be like... Well, like how he always is. Not that kind of excited, and frankly, not that kind of loud. It's only good with certain sounds and Jimin's normal talking voice? Not one of those sounds. "I mean like mess around with one of them. You know, fluster him. Make him sweat a little at the very least."

The year is 5191. Scientists from the Paradisus Institute have discovered ways to fuse animal DNA to humans, creating a new race of hybrids.

What happens at a rave stays at a rave—except this one.

Taehyung grins, and that’s bait that Taehyung’s not going to lose. “You could have sex with both of us.”

Namjoon might be able to physically dominate Seokjin, but he can never seem to get Jin as beautifully pliant and submissive as Yoongi can.


Seokjin takes care of Baby!Bangtan.

Namjoon needs a quick solution for a dinner-date with his parents and it turns out help is only a phone call away.

centric fics

Jeongguk was a prophet- not the haggard, robed kind of religious texts and fantasy worlds, but the kind that belonged to the modern age; the weary kind, with messy, neglected hair and dark undereye circles from staying awake for days on end, symbols and imagery swirling around his mind like a brewing storm cloud, and he knew he was about to erupt.

Kim Taehyung knows he is not what most people call “normal.”

Jimin and Hoseok know this, Bangtan knows this, the company knows this, the little pill bottles in the lockbox kept safe by the managers knows this. His psychiatrist and the diagnosis sheet spelling “schizophrenia” in a thousand technicalities know it.

jeongguk’s second week at work, and he’s not sure if his colleagues are sane.

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