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Jinhwan x Bobby x Hanbin

Bobby strips off his boxers the second Jinhwan turns off the camera. He also has a thing for touching butts.

he stays because bobby’s eyeliner is smudged around his eyes and every so often jinhwan’s breath will hiccup and it’s all hanbin’s fault, so he stays.

My imaginings of what happened after the camera turned off in this video. Aka, the one where Jinhwan is in the middle of a B.I/Bobby sandwich.

and bobby wants to say, no, not everyone. just the both of you.

“Have you ever thought about it?” Bobby asks with no preamble, not that it matters. Jinhwan has a worrying ability of knowing what Bobby’s thinking at most times without having to ask.

Jinhwan and Bobby share more than what people know. Written for the prompt: Wanna make a secret handshake? It involves touching our mouths together for three hours.

It's Hanbin's birthday, but Jinhwan and Bobby are the ones unwrapping the present.

(instead of letting hanbin and bobby get to him so easily, jinhwan decides to put on a little show for them.)

four times bobby jerked it while a bandmate was in the room, and one time they actually helped him out.

five articles of clothing jinhwan pilfered from double b (and five they took off him)


Bobby x Hanbin

There’s probably an unwritten rule in place somewhere that says something along the lines of ‘thou shalt not fuck around with your best friend whilst drunk because seriously, that usually doesn’t go too well when everyone sobers up in the morning.’

But, then again. Blowjobs.

Bobby's got Hanbin on his mind and on his lips, Hanbin's taste on his tongue like it belongs there.

( Hanbin is mad at Bobby. It's not the end of the world, but it's not fun, either. )

5 times Jung Chanwoo caught a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff kissing.

( Hanbin loses, but Bobby wins—and wins, and wins, and wins. )

it's totally normal for hanbin to spend couple holidays with bobby.

words haven"t been invented to describe a feeling like this, he supposes.


Jinhwan x Bobby

there's suddenly an abundance of mistletoe in every corner of the dorm, to jinhwan's dismay.


Hanbin x Jinhwan

Jinhwan’s the best of them with his words, knows how to speak his mind plainly in a way you can’t resent him for, the one that keeps the three of them awake in the middle of the night murmuring his passing thoughts into the dark. But Jinhwan has never spoken a word of this.

Puberty majorly sucks, until it doesn't. Three times puberty was deeply inconvenient for Hanbin and once it wasn't.

hanbin starts having dreams about jinhwan. it's only a problem because hanbin makes it one.

And he remembers Bobby explaining that the mistletoe’s up to give people gentle pushes in the right direction. Jinhwan falls asleep wondering why Hanbin’s going in the wrong direction.

Hanbin finally gets a day off from work.

|Math tells us three of the saddest love stories.| (Kim Hanbin and Kim Jinhwan meet each other in three lives, and in all three lives they were not meant to be.)

(Jinhwan notices, with no amount of surprise, that Hanbin is taller than him now, and is in the middle of reconciling himself with this fact when Hanbin speaks again.)

hanbin has never been much of a morning person. _______

Jinhwan x Junhwe

The day Junhwe dies starts out like any other. The day Jinhwan goes back is a little different. [Time travel AU]

jinhwan gets married. junhwe writes a song.

  • Maybe You're My Love 1/2 2/2

All Junhwe wanted was a kiss. [High school AU]

nothing hurts him more than seeing jinhwan cry.

( jinhwan wants to take things slow. )

junhwe wants to keep their relationship a secret and jinhwan doesn't mind, as long as he gets to spend some quality time with his boyfriend.

Detectives/cops AU. Between having to deal with petty crime and falling hard for his partner, Junhwe's not sure he's all that cut out for this job.

Junhwe has a rule where he doesn't deal with anything that makes his life harder than it has to be. Jinhwan is, to no surprise, the exception.

so it's jinhwan's birthday, and junhwe's got no idea what he's supposed to be doing.

"i need new friends," junhwe moans. he hates his life.

Taking is easy. Giving is harder.


Bobby x Junhwe

bobby's idea of helping might be exactly what junhwe needs.

In his defense the first time Bobby tells Junhwe to suck a dick, it’s completely, one hundred-thousand percent- a joke.


Bobby x Donghyuk

Bobby constantly borrows books at random just so he can talk to Donghyuk, the cute librarian.

(donghyuk's mind works like truth, and jiwon's a wreckage of trains of thought bound by tangled threads of wonder.)

bobby gets trapped in a harmless lie


Junhwe x Donghyuk

(hanbin's so going to quarter and burn them and paint his face with their ashes.)

It’s not Junhwe’s fault that all Donghyuk ever wants to do is hold the ever loving fuck out of his hand. (In which Junhwe has needs and wants, but has no idea how to ask for them. Donghyuk has no such problem.)

Effective communication is an important part of any friendship, but it takes a while for Junhwe to figure out that’s not all he wants.

hsau. donghyuk is a nerd. junhwe is a jock.

Junhwe’s pretty good at self-sabotage, so it’s not like he tries to ruin Donghyuk’s dates -- it just comes naturally. _______

Yunhyeong x Jinhyeong

jinhyung should be with them, training, performing, living. instead yunhyung meets him where no one else can.


Hanbin x Junhwe

Somewhere between the closed doors and the mussed hair and the fingernails dragging lines down onto backs, Junhoe finds his fingers on Hanbin’s neck again.


Yunhyeong x Hanbin

It was love at several bumps.

american college au. after twenty years of uninterrupted single life, hanbin gets set up on a date.

Hanbin is an idiot with a sore throat and fever to match. Yunhyeong shows up in his slippers.



jinhwan likes the feeling of six different eyes set on him, and only on him.

chanwoo will do anything to please his hyungs.

A rock band AU. It's Bobby who spots the poster first. WANTED: SERIOUS MUSICIANS FOR THE GIG OF A LIFETIME.

jinhwan gets everyone off and vice versa. set during win.

the youngest boys are different but equally sweet.


Centric fics

when he pads back into his room, he settles into bed with an extremely heavy chest as he pulss his covers over his head once more

Because there's no one more stimulating than Goo Junhwe.



Hanbin and Woosung don't like each other, but they can work around that

There’s a phrase that goes if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. In Hanbin’s case, it’s more like if you can’t take the heat, get in Mino’s pants.

junhwe is awkward and doesn't know how to act around girls, what else is new. (Like most of Junhwe’s problems, he can blame this one on Bobby.)

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