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  • Addictive retribution - With a cheating wife and a marriage on the rocks, Chanyeol at last calls the number Baekhyun and Kyungsoo gave him. (hybrid!au, 4k, explicit)
  • Animal Magnetism - Jongin's life changes the day Sehun drags him to an underground werewolf club. (ABO!au, 22k, explicit)
  • Casualty of Love - When a messy breakup somehow becomes the most traumatic period of Jongin’s life, all Chanyeol wants is to help his beautiful friend heal, and show him that not all love has to hurt. (ANGST with a happy ending, best friends to lovers, 33k, explicit)
  • Circuit Breaker - lonely chanyeol buys the new android model, KAI™ (sci-fi!au - robots & androids, angst w/ happy ending, 93k, explicit)
  • doux et lent - It's a business card. Kim Jongin, it reads. Dance instructor. Below that is an address and a phone number. Chanyeol assumes it's for a dance studio. Puzzled, he looks up. "You want me to take dance lessons?" (slice of life, fluff, mature)
  • Encounters of the Sexy Kind - It isn’t that Chanyeol doesn’t believe in extraterrestrials, it’s just that this isn’t how he imagined meeting one. (sci-fi!au - aliens, 11k, explicit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))
  • From Top To Bottom: A guide to finding the dick of your dreams - Chanyeol wants nothing more than to work with the top actor in the company. (pornstar!au, bottom!pcy, 9k, explicit)
  • Got my Heart out on my Sleeve - Jongin has to bring home a date for Thanksgiving dinner, but he's not dating anyone. Chanyeol offers a solution. (fake dating!au, 5k, general)
  • I Burn For You - Truth is, Chanyeol doesn't even know that Jongin is an omega. Despite the months of living together and spending most of their time with each other Jongin still hasn’t been able to breach the subject of his true nature to Chanyeol. (ABO!au, 5k, explicit)
  • I'm glad you called - “I’m not Sehun but you sound cute.” In which Jongin calls the wrong number and the stranger on the other side of the line doesn't want to let him hang up. (phone sex, smut with plot, 6.8k, explicit)
  • Let's stop running from us, my baby - Sure they just fool around together and it's all good but it was never part of the deal for Chanyeol's throat to constrict when Jongin talks about seeing other people. (friends w/ benefits to lovers!au, 11k, explicit)
  • My heart is your home - The last thing Chanyeol expects to find when he gets home is a sleeping catboy on his doorstep. (hybrid!au, 8k, explicit)
  • No Soliciting - Jongin is in need of money, and Sehun jokingly proposes that Jongin auction off his virginity. Jongin, of course, takes him completely seriously. CEO!Chanyeol CollegeStudent!Jongin (smut, 7k, explicit)
  • Satin and leather - Jongin is a leading designer in BDSM fashion and accessories, and Chanyeol is his closest treasured model and submissive. (smut, powerbottom dom!jongin, 4k, explicit)
  • Stuck with me, stuck with you - Being the youngest omega in his family, Jongin is given to the Parks as per the Treaty. He does not wish to be the Given and he just wishes Chanyeol could see that too. (ABO!au, 14k, explicit)
  • 'Til The Morning Sun You're Mine - Jongin had expected a boring summer helping out at his parents' guest house that they rent out to tourists from all over the world. His mother forgets to tell him about the tall, gangly guy who doesn't like to wear sleeves. (strangers to lovers!au, not-so-straight nini, 23k, explicit)
  • The road to hell is paved with erotica letters to your professor - Or in which Jongin sends one (1) erotic letter to his professor instead of writing the answer he studied for on a Chaucer paper and it inaugurates his and Professor Park's descent to hell. (professor x student!au, thirsty!jongin, smut, 19k, explicit)
  • The Stars in Your Eyes - Spending time with Jongin is a lot more enthralling than Chanyeol had expected. (historical!au, royalty!au, 26k, explicit)
  • The Stars Will Guide You Home - Jongin is a quantum astrophysicist who gets stranded in space when his ship malfunctions. Chanyeol is the captain who finds him. (space!au, 20k, explicit)
  • Then you pull me in close - A road trip, the Wild Atlantic Way and two friends who keep getting mistaken for lovers. (friends to lovers!au, 24k, explicit)
  • Together in Electric Dreams - Robotics Professor Dr Park Chanyeol has no idea what’s in store for him when he rescues a broken android from a roadside dumpster. (sci-fi!au - robots & androids, self-discovery, 14k, explicit)
  • Touch Me Like You Do - Chanyeol's crush gets complicated when he finds Jongin's home made videos on Baekhyun's favorite porn site (friends to lovers!au, thirsty!chanyeol, 17k, explicit)
  • Tritagonist - Jongin thinks that trouble can't chase him. He doesn't like bad boys, illegal races, drugs or gambling, and he manages to keep Jongdae safe as well. But in the end trouble definitely chases after him, although is in the form of illegal boxer Chanyeol. (fighter!pcy, tattooed!pcy, smut, 10k, explicit)
  • Tug on my heartstrings - Jongin doesn’t do dates or the falling in love thing. Or at least he doesn’t until the new takeaway delivery guy Chanyeol makes him want to. (age swap, crush at first sight, 5k, PG-13)
  • Winter Sun - “It’s you and me, it’s always been you and me. From the moment we met until the moment we leave, and when your soul goes to the moon, mine shall follow.” (ABO!au, ongoing, explicit)
  • Wolf & I - chanyeol loves jongin, so it doesn't matter that a) jongin's a werewolf and b) chanyeol's allergic to him. (ABO!au, bottom!pcy, 4k, explicit
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