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"You are living in a poem." — Naomi Shihab Nye

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Joey quotes (when thoughts go haywire)
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Filipina; born in Guam

Progressive Roman Catholic

INFJ-T, Enneagram Type 4

VIA Love, Spirituality, Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, Gratitude, Honesty, Fairness, Forgiveness, Hope, Bravery, Judgment

Psychology, Counseling

God, Family, dogs, cats

To love God, others as myself; to constantly awaken

This little thing can make a difference? Yes, yes it can.

As far back as we can remember, people of the oldest tribes, unencumbered by civilization, have been rejoicing in being on earth together. Not only can we do this for each other, it is essential. For as stars need open space to be seen, as waves need shore to crest, as dew needs grass to soak into, our vitality depends on how ... — Mark Nepo

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