• walking around dax's neighborhood with him at night, sitting in the middle of the road, sitting on the rock in front of his house, kissing and talking about things
  • sitting and sleeping on the bus with dax on the way back from all-state
  • jumping off the rope swing at the reservoir with jason
  • climbing the ladder to the top of the building in putnam with thomas
  • holding hands with dax for the first time
  • meeting douglas
  • going to the river fire with kendra and tyler
  • sitting in the car on the way to junior prom with mike
  • talking to spencer on aim in eighth grade
  • sitting outside by the bonfire with colby
  • going on a walk at 5am with colby and watching the sunset
  • open mics with kendra and abbey
  • sleeping with dax on the bus to florida
feb 22 2012 ∞
may 2 2012 +