i loved you from the start, you know, it's never gonna change, i swear to god.

i believe fate brought us together. you were meant to be the reason of my whole existence, to give meaning to my life. i love you in ways i have never loved anyone else. i love you more each second i live, i love you more every breath i take, i love you more every time i remember you are the reason i'm alive. if it's even possible, i love you more than the word love can say it. i swear i couldn't love you more than i do right now, and yet i know i will tomorrow. i love you faithfully, with all my heart and soul, and every faculty. i look at you, and it terrifies me what i would do for you. i fell in love with you because when i met you was the first time i had ever wanted to make someone permanent in my life. you're the only one who i wouldn't mind losing sleep for, the only one who i can never get tired of, the only one who crosses my mind constantly throughout the day. you're the only one who can make me smile without trying and affect my emotions with every action of yours. i can't explain with words how much you mean to me, but you're the only one i'm afraid of losing and the one i want to keep in my life. i have never cared so much about someone the way i care about you. i wish i could give you the galaxies but yet it wouldn't be enough. i wanted to gather all the starts and give them all to you, but that's pointless since you hold them in your eyes. you make me the happiest person on earth.

i swear upon the rest of my life, there won't be another you.

dec 25 2017 ∞
oct 8 2018 +