• Clingy (I REALLY need my personal space)
  • Earrings (note: this does NOT mean gauges- which i adore)
  • Druggies (I don't really count weed, but let's not make this thing we have look like it could be a scene from Requiem, kay?)
    • EDIT: actually, no. let's both be drug-free. i'm counting weed starting now (based on bad experiences)
  • Bad grammar (or rampant language, etc). Please sound somewhat educated. Guys who I have to question passing high school English are not attractive
  • Guys my height or shorter (This really isn't asking a whole lot)
  • Bad teeth (I'm far too anal about mine being perfect, so please don't have fug teeth. Besides, it makes me not want to kiss you- which is something we both don't want)
  • Boring (Yes, I like staying home and watching movies with take-out too.
  • Guys who think buying me one drink allows them permission to fuck me
    • You are clearly not that attractive if I have to be drunk to have sex with you
    • Don't feed me shots
    • I like making out. I don't however, appreciate whatever the hell swirly thing you're doing with your tongue. Be respectful.
  • Creepers
  • Baggy jeans (LOVE LOVE LOVE skinny jeans. At the very least, jeans that fit. But that baggy "I-wanna-look-like-a-gangsta" thing? NEXT.)
  • No weird piercings (I.E. please don't look like a douche with your eyebrow done, c'mon.) I actually - like - love piercings, so this one really isn't hard.
  • Into bad music (non-negotiable buddy. I'm not about to cowboy up to a country concert anytime soon)
  • PDA (being cute and holding hands occasionally is one thing. Anything more- STOP now. I'm not your property)
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