A list of decks that i got 12 wins in classic challenges with, along with a brief explanation of how to play them. This list has been updated over the years, in chronological order. Because of how quickly the meta shifts in Clash Royale, not all of these decks are necessarily viable in the current meta.

  • Log bait: knight, princess, goblin gang, goblin barrel, ice spirit, inferno tower, log, rocket. Bait out their log, then go hard with knight + goblin gang or knight + goblin barrel. 1-crown deck.
  • Miner poison: miner, poison, knight, electro wizard, inferno tower, log, ice spirit, goblins / skeletons / bandit. Constant defense and counter-pushing. Miner chips. Bring out the poison in double elixir time. Never let them get through. 1-crown deck.
  • Spell cycle: knight, ice wizard, ice spirit, skeletons, tesla, log, poison, rocket. Spell cycle from the very beginning. Win condition is rocket, support win conditions are log and poison. Knight, tesla and ice wizard are pure defense. Never let them get through. Win as many battles at the bridge as you can. Make it as hard as possible for them to cross the bridge. 1-crown deck. If you lose 1 tower, make sure it becomes an overtime game. In double elixir, rocket cycle like a madman.
  • Golem hut: golem, goblin hut, flying machine, night witch, mega minion, royal ghost, poison, zap. Bank elixir and defend until 1:00 - 1:30, then go for a golem push. The hut functions like an elixir collector because it lets you bank elixir and forces them to respond to the trickle damage from the spear goblins. 1-crown deck, is quite strong in a 1-1 scenario.
  • Recruit miner poison: spear goblins, goblin gang, bats, inferno dragon, miner, poison, zap, royal recruits. No longer viable after recruits were nerfed by increasing their elixir cost from 6 to 8.
  • Hut ram: barbarian hut, valkyrie, battle ram, fire spirits, poison, log, flying machine, zappies. Three cards in your deck are poison bait. Proceed accordingly. In desperate moments, valk + battle ram spam at the bridge can win you the game.
  • Giant skeleton mortar bait: giant skeleton, mortar, goblin gang, dart goblin, goblin barrel, skeleton army, bats, rocket. Enough bait to beat even triple-spell decks. Notice that this deck only has one spell, and it's a very expensive one at that. The ideal push is giant skeleton crossing the river with mortar behind it, and a goblin barrel in front. Don't be afraid to play very aggressively. Valkyrie shreds this deck.
  • Pekka miner: pekka, royal ghost, bandit, ewiz, miner, poison, zap, minions. Combos: pekka + ewiz (the evergreen combo), bandit + minions (sudden bridge pressure, like Sergioramos did in Clash Worlds), pekka + miner (of course!), minions + miner, miner + poison (the poison is usually added in to finish off the tower). Starting off: cycle a miner onto the inner corner of the tower, which no one expects. This is a gamble because they might have tornado, so be aware of how common nado is in the meta. Hover zap in case they counter your miner with gang or skarmy. Always poison pumps. This deck has no 2 elixir or 1 elixir cycle cards. Zap is a very useful spell, so don't throw it away. Royal ghost cleans up rascals. In an emergency, miner can counter royal ghost or bandit on defense. Minions clean up valk pretty well, just don't play them too close to the bridge.
  • Bandit bait: bandit, cannon cart, princess, goblin gang, goblin barrel, spear goblins, log, rocket. Pressure them with bandit when they are low on elixir.
  • No-direct-damage-spell hyper bait: mega knight, ram rider, princess, goblin barrel, goblin gang, dart goblin, skeleton army, bats. Get damage early and then defend until you're blue in the face.
  • RG sparky: royal giant, sparky, ice wizard, tornado, mega minion, lightning, barbarian barrel. Save the sparky for golems, of course. Play somewhat aggressively in single elixir. Even if your ice wizard has a sliver of health, consider placing a royal giant in front.
  • RG furnace lightning: royal giant, electro wizard, lumberjack, baby dragon, mega minion, lightning, barbarian barrel. You usually play RG at the bridge after defending a push, and then lightning their defenses (in double elixir). Doesn't fare well against miner cycle decks.
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