hi, im ven !

eng / learning 日本語 / can read a little french —- minor (16↑), transmasc nb, white, he/him is preferred but they/them is okay


  • i reclaim slurs
  • i struggle a little with one on one convo but love interacting w my mutuals ! everything about me is a joke. feel free to go in my replies and make fun of me ill just laugh and do it back
  • im forgetful as hell so if i ever say ill do something and then dont its not intentional!! bonk me hard enough and itll come back
feb 26 2020 ∞
mar 26 2020 +
  • please dont hatefollow, id rather you observe me from a safe distance like a zoo animal. lurking is fine or whatever but id rather not interact with someone who im just bothering yknow
  • she/her gays and he/him lesbians are valid
  • arashi is a girl and i use she/her when referring to her
  • i dont always fb, but am more inclined to if you have some sort of carrd / about
  • if you mainly post about danganronpa i probably wont follow back sorry
  • xuexiao shippers (and just weird mxtx fans in general) stay away from me i will attack
mar 25 2020 ∞
mar 26 2020 +


  • vocalo/utaite
  • idolm@ster
  • enstars
  • mdzs / tgcf


  • bandori / aaside
  • granblue fantasy
  • nier
  • fe3h
  • persona 3-5
  • houseki no kuni
  • hello charlotte
  • + misc other rpgmaker games

complicated relationship ✦

  • bungou stray dogs
feb 26 2020 ∞
mar 26 2020 +