disclaimer:sorry if this does not make sense or is entirely inaccurate, its just rough notes for my world history class. monday, october 18th

  • obama speaks at rally to raise money and support for democratic candidates
  • banks shared clients' profits, but not losses
  • anger and fear of job loss in ny, polls lean toward cuomo
  • rebuilding in haiti
  • US companies have trouble with employees exposing trade secrets
  • "culture of poverty"

tuesday, october 19th

  • us makes wire tapping harder
  • bank of america will resume forecloseurs
  • radical islamic group linked to killings in nigeria
  • obama makes tax cuts for many working families, but few democratic voters noticed
  • democrats losing grip in the south
  • ny suburbs no like obama, republicans hoping to win votes
  • in kansas, climate skepticts embrace cleaner energy

wednesday, october 20th

  • taliban, with aid, gives afghan peace talks
  • us military moves to accept gay retreats
  • study finds that hormone therapy worsens breast cancer
  • republicans gloss over troubles in plans to lower govt spending
  • supreme judge accused of harassment, his wife calls the prosecuter for apology
  • china has buildings, not enough ppl to buy them
  • cia was warned about afghan base bomber

thursay, october 21st

  • combination of us and afghan forces make people flee strongholds
  • courts are expecting many cases of homeowner vs bank trying to foreclose house
  • efforts collapsing in effort to solve case about iraq and afghan murders
  • europe turning back on ekanes recession help
  • football head injuries rising, little oversight of helmet safety
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