sorry if this does not make sense or is entirely inaccurate, its just rough notes for my world history class. tuesday, october 12th

  • google and other companies invest in wind farm
  • delaware senate competitors Chris Coons and Christine O'Donnell. O'Donnell is tea party,
  • conservative Iowa company spends lots on anti democrat ads, not telling who donors are, though one is large ethanol person
  • LA food stands under new regulations, possibly "ruining" them because of the mainstream ways
  • Joan Sutherland dead at 83, a soprano
  • tense relations with china, though there was a meeting between defense secratary and chinas defense secratary

wednesday, october 13th

  • government tells military to let openly gay people serve
  • white house lifts ban on deepwater drilling
  • miners in chile rescued
  • good progress in training afghan troops
  • long recovery to recession
  • shows that open on broadway not perfect, nervous cast and crew
  • new york faces 200 billion in retiree health costs

thursday, october 14th

  • US aids taliban in peace talks
  • banks ignored signs of foreclosures
  • miners defy danger by fitness and spirit
  • Nevada senate runner Harry Ried in for tough race
  • ancient irrigation systems collapse, villages abandoned in fertile crescent
  • Linda M MchOn finds tough audience in women
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