• clickup
    • work/project management organizer
  • hyperbeam
    • multiplayer web browser shared with everyone in a virtual room - easy to share web content with others
  • hypernotes
    • note taker/organizer
  • krisp
    • application for online meetings - eliminates background noise and gives insight on speaking + other features
  • liner
    • chrome extension for online highlighter + annotations
  • listography
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  • this thread of lgbt films with a happy ending and no huge age gap
  • this helpful guide to learning Korean
  • this thread of manga where the characters are already married
  • recs of asian lit by asian authors
  • this thread of underrated lgbt books
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  • "when they burned the library of Alexandria the crowd cheered in horrible joy. They understood that there was something older than wisdom, and it was fire, and something truer than words, and it was ashes"
  • "There's something liberating about fighting an obvious enemy as opposed to one you have to prove exists." - trevor noah
  • "विश्वास में भी विश छुपा होता हैं।" vishvaas mein bhee vish chhupa hota hain.
  • 对我来说风光无限的是你,跌落尘埃的也是你,重点是你,而不是怎样的你。— To me, the one basking in infinite glory is you; the one fallen from grace is also you. What matters is you, and not the state of you.
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