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System Nebulous Malakai/Kai (sunflower)
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System Context

  • emotional support for Kar, particularly over romantic loss
  • birthday is December 3rd
  • confirmed in system late June 2017 and confirmed as sysmate as of 7/14-22/17, likely has been in system for longer in some form

Identity and Self

  • names: Dave Strider
  • trans guy
  • he/him
  • 16-23yo, age slides and can age regress to toddler
  • panromantic pansexual, possibly polyamorous


  • Dave Strider | Homestuck
  • Davesprite | Homestuck
  • bird hybrid Dave with orange wings | Homestuck
  • Davekatsprite? | Homestuck


  • cuddling
  • some birds
  • his datemates
  • music, particularly indie rock and certain rap
  • Twenty-One Pilots
  • favorite color: red


  • rly tired
  • very genuine and gay
  • has the most gender dysphoria from our body
  • body type per shift can be really distinct



  • possible borderline personality disorder
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • trauma from abuse
  • major self esteem issues
  • persistent issues with valuing self as a real person
aug 25 2017 ∞
jul 29 2019 +