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for info about all of the oceantae system members and some semi-relevant junk; you can also find this info here

oceantae follows:
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System Nebulous Rose (☙)

brief list of:

  • identity
  • health
  • extra

~ identity ~

  • Hal, he/him or they/them, age unknown but maturity seems to be 14-19yo
  • queer; nonbinary demiguy?
  • has been lurking since Oct 2017, confirmed 4-2-18

& kintypes &

  • Hal Strider (Homestuck)

+ health +

  • autistic?+!

~ extra ~

  • role: organize memories and brain stuff
  • seems good with doubles (except doubles of Dirk if the Dirk is an asshole)
  • romantic feelings for some Dirks (namely Dirk in partner system)
  • used to think/translate in binary code and thus has had trouble speaking English
  • was ghosty before settling
  • easily jealous over Dirk
  • tsundere except who knows if you'll ever see the dere lol; basically a grumpy android cat who doesn'r like anyone knowing how he feels

and is actually good at controlling it

  • one of the only ppl in system as of late 2018 to have a room; it's some dark small library
apr 5 2018 ∞
sep 27 2018 +