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System Nebulous Malakai/Kai (sunflower)

System Context

  • helper/emotional support
  • birthday undecided
  • here at least since beginning of 2016, suspected to have been in system in late elementary school

Identity and Self

  • name: Jade
  • default emoji: sunflower
  • girl
  • she/her
  • 17-22yo
  • questioning aromantic, possibly aroflux, asexual (sex-neutral to repulsed), poly
  • has a preference for girls
  • would like to be a garden witch
  • MBTI: tba
  • Enneagram: tba
  • Hufflepuff or Gryffindor


  • Jade Harley | Homestuck
  • Jade Lalonde, Roxy-swap | Homestuck, AU
  • dog (from canon fusion) | Homestuck


  • dogs and frogs
  • jean skirts
  • flowers, fauna in general
  • favorite color: light greens


  • absolute sweetheart
  • not a pushover
  • sibling friend
  • chill and let chill
  • sfw furry
  • has called herself the Furry Princess
  • doesnt retain knowledge of plants or guitar from past life
  • likes meat bc of dog side but prefers to be vegetarian; is part god dog



  • possible depression
aug 25 2017 ∞
jul 29 2019 +