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System Nebulous Malakai/Kai (sunflower)

System Context

  • sweet garden boy, possible trauma holder
  • birthday is tba/undecided
  • estimated to be here since childhood, at least in system since 2014

Identity and Self

  • name: Jake English
  • nonbinary guy (basically he doesn't care about conforming to gender but is traditionally masculine)
  • he/him, they/them is acceptable
  • 19-23yo (was 17-22 in 2017)
  • demi(pan)romantic demi(pan)sexual
  • dating Dirk in partner system
  • no known preference
  • Gryffindor


  • Jake English | Homestuck
  • Fae!Jake (split) | Homestuck AU
  • possible roarin' 20s AU
  • Aventurine Jake | gemstuck
  • questioning Jake Crocker
  • has questioned John Egbert
  • deer!Jake | Homestuck hybrid AU


  • turtles
  • flora and flower shops
  • exploring nature and less traveled places
  • aventurine
  • things that remind him of Dirk
  • watching movies while cuddling with Dirk


  • Sweet Good Wholesome BoyTM
  • looks like a dork and is actually a dork
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll
  • if you hurt Dirk, you best watch out
  • abhorrs gun violence but dang does he like revolvers
  • old slang naturally peppers his sentences
  • yes he still likes Lara Croft, she's just so cool
  • is usually very shy when first meeting ppl
  • his in system duo with fae Jake is called Gold Leaf



  • AVPD
  • autistic
  • PTSD?
aug 25 2017 ∞
jul 29 2019 +