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for info about all of the oceantae system members and some semi-relevant junk; you can also find this info here

oceantae follows:
listography FAQ
System Nebulous Rose (☙)

brief list of:

  • identity
  • health
  • extras

~ identity ~

  • Luné, original deity name unknown, she/her, adult of unknown age
  • presumed domains over water and the moon
  • formally discovered late last year and mistaken for a godshard of Selene
  • part of subsystem A

& kintypes &

  • deitykin
  • moonkin

+ health +

not much is known at this point

~ extra ~

  • in love with Apollo, the sun god
  • loves sun/moon motifs
  • is probably panromantic
  • has a fondness for healing and protection magick
  • role: not applied
  • possibly a daughter of Selene and Poseidon
aug 25 2017 ∞
sep 6 2018 +