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System Nebulous Rose (☙)

System Context

  • helps with depression/being positive and making friends
  • birthday is December 4th
  • active

Identity and Self

  • names: Roxy, Rox, Roxbox (nickname from a friend Hal)
  • main identity: Roxy Lalonde
  • cis girl
  • she/her, they/them is fine!
  • age slides between 13, 16, and 22yo
  • biromantic asexual, polyamorous, usually sex-repulsed
  • in a poly relationship with partner system, in a monogamous relationship between two bodies
  • dating Kai and Sollux in partner system
  • forever moirail-feels towards Dirk and Hal
  • discovered in system late 2016/early 2017, possibly here since 2014


  • Roxy Lalonde | Homestuck
  • Roxkatsprite | AU system fusion
  • cat | therian type
  • witch/wizard Roxy | AU
  • Unikitty? | Lego Movie
  • Mutini? | Homestuck


  • so many things
  • the color pink
  • glitter
  • geometric stars
  • unicorns
  • cats
  • magick and crystals
  • nearly all animals
  • scarfs
  • video games but not scary stuff
  • shitposting certain things and making jokes
  • doggo dance videos


  • rly just loves friends sm
  • isn't mean but will not take shit
  • does NOT like crudeness, generally avoids sexual things
  • doesn't like horror things and is very sex repulsed when 13yo
  • easily spooked by horror or paranormal at any age
  • is very excitable!
  • has a very big grin
  • headspace body is tan with vitiligo or just tan
  • probably an extrovert
  • is quick to adopt ppl
  • not very self conscious compared to others in our system
  • says a lot of silly word mashups and phrases and voted most likely to randomly rap at you
  • shit she says: neato cheeto, lets get it gorl, o m geez/geezy, freck, heckin, anyhey, lol, lmao, x'D
  • types with a lot of text lingo and is really expressive



  • plural; mixed trauma and spiritual system
  • maybe ADHD
  • dyscalculia


  • scoliosis
  • polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • chronic muscle tension and pain
  • anemia
  • possible asthma
sep 6 2017 ∞
oct 24 2018 +