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System Nebulous Malakai/Kai (sunflower)

System Context

  • split from Kar
  • birthday is July 7th
  • ze is viewed as an extension of Kar and has been here for a very long time

Identity and Self

  • names: Karkat, Siren
  • main identity: Siren!Karkat
  • genderqueer genderfluid / nonbinary
  • they/them, she/her, zee/zym
  • 23yo
  • panromantic demi(pan)sexual, lowkey polyamorous
  • in a poly relationship between two systems, in a monogamous relationship between two bodies
  • no known preference
  • sea witch
  • Hufflepuff


  • siren Karkat Vantas | Homestuck AU
  • merfolk/fae
  • Sylveon (Pok√©mon) ?


  • jellyfish, crabs, aquariums, ocean fish, the ocean
  • her human Dave and her faery Dave
  • pretty shiny things
  • singing (Siren song is laced with love magick)
  • swimming
  • light blues
  • yummy foods
  • cats


  • very curious
  • very territorial
  • very bubbly
  • looks like they could kill you and could kill you but is a cinnamon roll (unless you cross them)
  • "look at this stuff! isn't it neat!"



  • possible BPD
  • autistic
  • plural; mixed trauma and spiritual system
  • social anxiety disorder
  • possible ADHD
  • possible PTSD


  • same as Kar
nov 18 2017 ∞
jul 29 2019 +