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Q: "Is there an age requirement for the zine?" A: No age requirement at all! As long as you have a PayPal, everything should be fine.

Q: "Can I use pre-existing art?" A: Sorry, new art must be made for this zine, this includes the character sheet.

Q: "Are Animal/Human OCs Okay?" A: Any kind of OC is perfectly fine! But if we get one of too many, we'll try our best to level it out.

Q: "Am I allowed to draw someone else's character?" A: Sorry, even if you get permission from the artist, this will not be acceptable.

Q: "Why is the number of artists in this project so small?" A: Zines are mostly funded by preorders and since this is an OC zine and not fandom based, it'll be tougher to get people to buy and tougher to print. Less artists = smaller printing costs

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Artist List:

  • milkychai*
  • heterodont*
  • MitsueMachi*
  • Promsien
  • Nekojiima*
  • Debbie*
  • Tinyfrou
  • Kusone*
  • primagrine*
  • Maplespyder*
  • AshleyZombie*
  • QueenAshi*
  • Whiskermoon
  • Phaisty (Phai)*

(*) = Piece Turned In!

About the Mod:

  • My name's Phai and I'm currently a senior in highschool! I beleive my first ever f...
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  • Please know that there are limited spots and I WILL be strict with applications. Regardless, I encourage everyone to apply! ^0^
  • If you're selected, an email will be sent out to you!
  • The same info will be asked on the applications, but selected artists will be determined by the following:

- Art skill: Character design, lighting, composition, color etc. are all considered

- Character: When sending links within the google form, it helps if there is already an OC you'd wanna draw.

- Professionalism: Ability to work with deadlines, prior experience with collaborative projects with zines. (This is the least considered so don't worry too much <3)


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  • Zine is short for magaZINE and is usually consisted of a small collection of works by people!
  • Zines are usually fan-projects on the internet and physically printed to sell either for profit or charity. In the artist community, most of them are artbased (sometimes includes fics) and are huge projects hosted by individuals.

This zine (Title TBA) will consist original works from artists about their original characters. While fandom projects are fun, it's a nice treat to the artists to draw for a zine with their own OCs!

While this project isn't fandom based, I hope to receive a lot of support and kindness from the community <3

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  • This zine will be FOR PROFIT since all art and characters belong to respective artists.
  • The zine is planned to be 9in x 6in (Landscape) but the working canvas SHOULD BE 9.25in x 6.25in
  • The project will have around 10-15 artists MAX and approximately 30 pages. Each artist will be given two pages (AKA one spread)
  • The artist will be required to do 1 chara sheet and 1 full illustration.
  • The print company used will be CatPrint and the zine itself will be saddle stitched.
  • No NSFW is allowed with the exception of blood.

If you have any questions, please DM on twitter @PhaiPahi OR send me an email at

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April 8th: Applications OPEN!

April 22nd: Applications CLOSE

April 22nd-24th: Application Review Process

April 27th: Acceptance emails send out

April 30th: Artist work time~!

May 15th: Artist WIP DUE

June 18th: Final Piece DUE


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