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The first boy I fell in love with didn’t know I loved him, but he managed to break my heart anyway.

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      • pls tag your eye horror tweets, pictures, videos, etc. (i.e. someone getting stabbed in the eye, touching the eye, eyes popping out; basically if you think an eye is looking weird, chances are you have to tag it EVEN if it's in cartoon format)
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Dear Epik High, I wanted to spew out a lot of sappy text in this list, but I know I probably would never be able to do that in public. But thank you so much for everything that you have done for not only me, but for everyone else. Without you, there wouldn't be these 8 beautifuly mastered albums. Without you there wouldn't be these idols that say your music was influential to them. Without you, there wouldn't be Epik High. I don't know where I would be if I hadn't clicked into Wannabe . I haven't gone by a single day without thinking about you guys and how happy you can make me by just seeing one of your tweets or by listening to one of your songs come on shuffle in iTunes. I wish I could see you more, not just through the screen, but actually experiencing the magic that you create in the real world. One day, I want to be there at your concert to finally pour out my emotions. Thank you so much for everything, and you guys have ...

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