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Mobile app development company Offingapp research say - website is undoubtedly the most important thing to have for your online business success. There are generally many technologies on which these websites are built but do you really know about the kinds of website designs that are there? Well to begin with there are three main kinds of website layouts. Let’s look at all of them individually and also weight its pros and cons.

  • Graphic Intensive Layout - visual treat always gains more attraction and therefore, many sites are designed with this motto in mind. A graphic intensive layout is rich in the graphics so that it can provide the visitor with interesting imagery. The pros of such website design are:
  • The No-images website design- many of the websites are designed without the use of any images. In such cases, the designer is very creative with the usage of the background color and the font’s size and type. There are some of the very attractive websites like this and though they are simple they never fail to attract customers. The advantages of this kind of website are:
  • The Header-Footer website design- this kind of website design are commonly found as it is a good combination of graphics and content. The header consists of a relevant design or logo of the company and it is followed by content on the pages. The pros of this website design are:
  • Entirely Flash Interface- ever since the inception of flash, it has been much popular as it can make the website look not only attractive but also makes it interactive. The advantages are:

It boosts the interests of the visitor It enables a vast field for showing creativity. The audio and video can double the impact of your company or product. The disadvantages are: Regular updating of the website becomes complex and difficult. It takes time to download The message might not be loud and clear as the content would be taken over by the graphics.

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