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Hi there!
I'm Chase, and I'm a crafter. I have a craftblog and an etsy store full of cute items and ideas, plus some recipes here and there. These are mostly my lists of things to do, since paper lists seem to get lost so easily in the clutter that is my sewing table. Hope they help people see that they're not alone in their craft-induced insanity.

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See my blog post here, , for the full details of the challenge and how you can join in!


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  • Pink mesh scarf.
  • Granny square blanket.
  • Egg amigurumi.
  • Maryjanes.
  • Bow scarves (x3).
  • Pixie hat.
  • Mohair granny square scarf.
  • Wasabi gloves.
  • Toadstool mushroom amigurumi.
  • Large LocoRoco amigurumi.
  • Mouse cat toy.
  • Apple amigurumi.
  • Bear amigurumi.
  • Pink cupcake amigurumi.
  • Pink bear ball amigurumi.
  • Grey amineko amigurumi.
  • Brown cat hat.


  • Halloween ornaments for mom.
  • Loop scarves.
  • Basket Purse.
  • Yellow Baby Quilt.
  • Pink Baby Quilt.
  • First Quilt.
  • Picnik Quilt.
  • Rockabilly Baby Quilt.
  • Ipod sweaters.
  • Bike pouch.
  • Sunhat.
  • Sock dog.
  • Embroidery surprise.
  • Subversive cross stitch.
  • Fabric sample zip pouches.
  • Fabric sample scarves (x3).
  • Plaid shirt.
  • Patch jeans (x3).
  • Hem roommate's pants.
  • Collar and hood for cape.
  • Echino totes (x2).
  • Altered t-shirt.
  • Felt teddy bears.
  • Mouse and cheese cat toy.
  • Herb-themed zakka bags.
  • Hedgehog messenger bag.
  • Pear aprons (x2).
  • Horsehair purse.
  • Scottie plushie.
  • 1930's bunting.
  • Bulk foods drawstring bags.
  • Organic cotton grocery totes.
  • Little organic zakka bag.

Other (buttons, snaps, finishing touches, etc.)

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apr 9 2012 +