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the highly-developed intricacies of social construct provides us with many easily-formed stereotypes - these are fun to observe, uh'sayyy. well, here's what both others and myself have perceived about the way I go about life that could be considered "boy-ish" by some.

  • I highly prefer (and only really take actions upon) when the opposite sex puts effort into getting my attention
  • I really don't enjoy shopping and most of the environment surrounding it, I get really impatient and want to flee quickly
  • I prefer fun toys and artifacts to play with than accessories of things to enhance my appearance
  • whenever I got Happy Meals from McDonald's when I was little, I would always ask for the "boy toy" because I always hated/kind of cringed when faced with dolls and liked putting perfectly-fitting stickers on cars to throw around recklessly instead
  • I love video games. well, all games really. and out of the plethora of video games offered in the world, my favorite are first-person shooters and Grand Theft Auto...and I play them for extenuated periods of time, very seriously
  • I wear clunky black Doc Martens that are very pleasantly broken in due to my hearty adventures in them thus far
  • my clothes often apparently give off relatively little to no sex appeal, or may even be misperceived as possibly aggravated and lesbionic.
  • I have a secret and significant affinity for extreme sports (I find this peculiar)
  • I hate the beach for most common "beach usages", especially the event of "laying out"
  • I drive a 2009 white Mustang with black stripes that say Mustang on the sides, a modded dual exhaust, black leather seats and a ridiculous sound system upgrade (and am so aware of it's socially-percieved image of this, but also extremely aware that these particular stereotypes are completely invalid for my ownership of the vehicle - which may have also been a secret reason why I wanted it. I also just really love it nonetheless...)
  • I'm intrigued by engineering, mechanics, physics and cars
  • I prefer to avoid heels and flats to the best of my ability
  • I'm not a fan of cosmetics, and the common scent that permeates pro-cosmetic facilities makes me angry - although I do find it absolutely mandatory that a standard black line of eyeshadow to make me not look sickly is required at all times
  • I love steak, bacon, and hearty, standard and kind-of greasy egg sandwiches, and as a carnivore do not usually prefer chicken
  • chaos is one of the most amusing things in the world to me
  • when I actually do go to the gym, I would so much rather do weight training (obviously not like muscle-man-giant-weightlifting) than cardio on a machine whilst watching a sitcom
  • I realized beer may be my preferred alcoholic beverage - or maybe it's just the frequency, convenience, and odd refreshment I seem to be getting out of it lately that's just convincing me of this...
  • I function so much more on adrenaline than I ever could on attention (or a need/desire for it)
  • I would rather wear completely shapeless oversized clothing than things tightly adhered to my body - not because I'm trying to hide anything, only because it's just so much more enjoyable to occupy space in
  • I may have turned into that girl that traverses New York City on a combat boots...and on occasion a large fleece poncho
  • in most recent times my usage of jewelry has been waning significantly, I've been feeling as if I "see through it" and it's irrelevance to all
  • I never really utilized my pierced ears until I gauged them
  • I unwillingly get hit on by lesbians more frequently than the average individual, I've observed
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