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  • days only lasting from about 11 am or later to sometimes as early as 8:30 at night
  • intense desires for ice cream, and walking extensive distances to get it (I should mention that I highly dislike ice cream)
  • aimless wandering for hours on end, which are frequently accompanied by strange pondering of future events, including:
    • my birthday
    • my death
    • my life
    • my wedding
    • my inevitable divorce
    • childbirth
    • lots of things that will never happen
  • re-listening to Fall Out Boy's first album Take This to Your Grave and frequently having songs from it in my head
  • sleeping with my head where my feet should be in my bed for no apparent reason
  • the only dreams I remember are nightmares in which I'm either being attacked, somebody I know dies, or both
  • declining to a privileged, zombie-like state
  • complete apathy towards everything, including schoolwork, socialization, and even music
  • continual dependence on caffeine, even though it rarely even affects me anymore
  • constant communication with people that are no where near my physical location and almost nobody else
  • the discovery of my asexuality and apparent social retardation due to it
  • complete abandonment of morality
  • inescapable existentialism
  • helpless romanticism of past relationships
  • cabin-fever, even if I'm outside, in the middle of New York City
  • anxiety if I dwell on anything that's actually serious for too long
  • odd loves for music genres such as noise, sludge, drone and post-punk
  • casually vomiting on the side of the road at random points in time
  • spending over $2500 in a month on absolutely nothing essential, mostly on things that only add to this decline
apr 6 2010 ∞
jul 15 2010 +
user picture Nina: oh no! kristen drewes, i'm paying you a visit! it's time for Nina B to intervene. no more lettuce! apr 9 2010
user picture Kristen: oh, nina b. how you care for my wellbeing.
user picture Loren: This is funny. For lots of reasons.
user picture Kristen: aahahahahha yes. apr 10 2010
user picture Monique : You are hilarious. I like you; consider yourself favorited. apr 21 2010